How to Create a Tutoring Website? Online Tutor Website

The COVID-19 pandemic proved the potential of online tutoring as most educators and students were forced to shift to online learning due to social distancing/ The concept of tutoring platform to connect both teachers and students to work remote is a great opportunity to teach and learn, respectively from the comfort of their homes. 

With the global virtual classroom market expected to reach $9515.2 million by 2025, the market is profitable for new players who want to invest in. 

If you are an online teacher or an educational Startup who wants to build a tutoring website, this blog can guide you with steps and valuable insights into setting up one.

Building an online tutoring website

An online tutoring website is an essential component of a tutoring business and an accessible way for potential students to find their desired tutors. But how to create a tutoring website? Here are the steps you need to follow to build the business of your dreams. 

Study your target audience 

This step probably is the most underrated one as most educators don’t conduct market research before starting a business. Some think it’s a waste of time; some don’t know its purposes. Conducting market research on your target audience and on the market, in general, is something you need to do right away when you think about launching an online tutoring business. 

Knowing your target audience will give you a clear idea about the interests of your potential students, what they expect from you, whether they are willing to pay for premium services and everything you need to know. 

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Conduct a competition analysis

If you want to outdo your competitors who are in the same niche, you must have a clear idea about them. You must know who your competitors are, their strategies, their strong points, and weaknesses, their good customer service, what makes them popular or the reasons for their slow growth, etc. All of these data will give you valuable insights to outperform them and can serve as a benchmark when setting your own tutoring business.

Choose the core subject to teach

When starting to teach online, you must have a clear plan on what to teach and how to teach. Instead of going general, choose a specific niche, core subject, or a few to teach your students. If you work around a niche, divide it into two or three skills to make the teaching easier for you and learning easier for your students. To know what skills to choose, you must deeply understand your target audience and their needs.

Make quality a priority

No matter what your prices are, if your fee is cheap and so is your class, students won’t choose to sign up for your class. However, if you are offering great content, even if your prices are premium, students would be flocking to your tutoring website. The best part of running your own tutoring platform is that you can modify your offering based on the student feedback and their interests. 

Get into the development part

Choosing the development approach is one of the most important steps in building a tutoring website. This determines the time, money, and the effort required to build the tutoring website. Building your tutoring website from scratch is great if you have the budget and want to address unique requirements. If not, the best approach is to use an online tutoring software customizable to any degree to build your tutoring platform. 

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Pinlearn is a readymade solution that features basic and advanced functionalities to run the tutoring business smoothly if you want a recommendation. The software comes with integrated tools for hosting live classes and online courses, an admin dashboard, subscription tiers, multiple language support, secure payment integration, and more. Selecting white label software makes it possible to customize your website based on your business requirements and goals. 

Differentiate your tutoring platform

With the popularity of tutoring websites increasing with every year, there are many players in the industry. When you are launching your tutoring website, you must compete with the already existing industry giants and new players. 

If you work on a particular subject area, you can consider offering classes around that niche. That itself becomes a differentiation for your tutoring brand. Have a look at what your competitors offer so that you get an idea of what to offer to stand out from the competition. 

Choose pricing plans

An important aspect of starting a tutoring website is to price your offerings based on the value of the services. Choose a business model and strategize your online sessions to fit the business model. When it comes to the best price plans, it greatly depends on your offerings. 

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Analyze the price plans of your competitors to set a benchmark to price your own offerings. Never underprice your classes thinking to appeal to all types of audiences. Just price your classes based on the value it offers; this will help you attract the right audience who are willing to pay for the quality you offer. 

Promote your online classes

Once you have built a tutoring platform, the next step is to work on marketing the classes. Without the right promotion tactics, it becomes impossible to reach the right audience and convert them to loyal customers. Market your tutoring services on social media, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, to enhance your exposure. Besides promoting on social media, you must adopt paid marketing approaches like Facebook ads, Google ads, etc.  

Implement a combination of promotion methods like email marketing, paid advertising, influencer marketing, and social media marketing to bring in students to your tutoring website.


If you have a passion for building an online tutoring brand and want to develop a tutoring site, now is the right to get started. Take each online class as a chance to provide the best user experience to your potential students. You can successfully build and grow your online tutoring business with the right business plan, revenue strategy, and access to the best technology and software. 

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