How to Be Studious

Studious means committing one’s time to only educating oneself. Being studious means making education the top priority of life at a certain point in time. Studious people often dedicate their lives to gaining knowledge, always learning and being excited to gain knowledge. Being studious is not just about being a bookworm or studying a lot, but it is about building a complete mindset that always keeps a person to be encouraged and excited about gaining knowledge.

Effective study habits and strategies help a lot to everyone in performing better and achieve better results and in turn, help a person to become studious. Distractions may lower the chances of learning faster or becoming studious. Thus to learn something new and faster one needs fewer distractions and more focus and concentration which can provide better results and can take a step closure to success. Below are a few tips to become a studious person :

  • Increasing concentration and focus towards studying
  • Getting into a studious mindset
  • Paying complete attention
  • Maintaining a distance from distractions
  • Focusing on present skills rather than worrying for the end results
  • Mono-tasking rather than multi-tasking
  • Creating an effective Study plan which prioritizes studying and completing the pre decided goals
  • Making hand written notes of content to be learned
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1.Increasing concentration and focus towards studying

Concentration is the key factor while studying as it allows in remembering the data or knowledge in one go thus saving time. Focusing on solely studies and learning can lead to a better yield or outcome in terms of gaining knowledge and surpassing exams with desired scores thus helping a person to become studious. To increase concentration one can inculcate these habits such as:

  • Meditating
  • Improving sleeping cycles
  • Improving eating habits and eating healthy and nutritious meals on time
  • Staying hydrated
  • Finding best tools and techniques according to individual potential
  • Gradually increasing study time and not at once
  • Comfortable seating and choosing peaceful corners

2.Getting into a studious mindset

A studious mindset towards studies is always helpful; thus that also helps in studying to the fullest potential thus being helpful to a person to become more studious. Every individual has different capabilities and potentials thus everyone can be studious, just it takes hard work, intense focus, and prioritizing studies over every other possible distraction.

3.Paying complete attention

One important aspect of being studious is paying complete attention to what one is learning or studying. One can easily grasp information, by paying complete attention. Attention span on studies can make a person more studious.

4.Maintaining a distance from distractions

One needs to be more aware regarding what are the real distractions in one’s schedule or life which is stopping an individual from achieving the desired results or success both in life and studies. Distractions can be in any form like cell phones, social media, or even a person or an event. One can lessen the usage of a cell phone, or keep a distance for a short time from a certain person or a friend, who one thinks can be a distraction, and also not attend certain events which can be a time-wasting event.

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5.Focusing on present skills rather than worrying for the end results

Worrying about the end situation or results or future may disappoint or distract individuals from the main thing which is studying here. Thus focusing on the current situation without much distraction towards the future can lead to better results. One can achieve the desired goals and approach towards being more studious. One can also term this as “Living in the present moment”.

6.Mono-tasking rather than multi-tasking

Multi-tasking is often considered to be a productive and efficient way of getting things done. But according to many scientific kinds of research mono-tasking or doing just one thing at a time with complete attention and focus has been proven to be more fruitful. Monotasking increases efficiency.

7.Creating an effective Study plan which prioritizes studying and completing the pre decided goals

Creating a study plan or study schedule can help in achieving set goals and completing studies on decided timelines or before the exams. One can create a study plan by keeping certain points in mind:

  • Checking calender and planing study subjects according to days of the week or weeks in a month keeping in mind all the subjects and material to be completed.
  • Planning or dividing the study content in that specific time lapse.
  • Setting time limits and dividing each day according to the tasks and subjects.
  • Setting rewards on achieving time lines or specific targets.
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8.Making hand written notes of contents to be learned

Making handwritten notes of content to be learned in the way one is comfortable to learn helps a lot in learning faster. Using different styles like making key point notes, understanding the information with flow charts, diagrams, pictures, graphs, or in any different manner than just reading it. One can use these different techniques in making handwritten notes like :

  • Making timelines of the information if there are a lot of years to remember or for historic references.
  • Using different tools like pencils, markers, highlighters, or pens to make more grasping notes.
  • Pinning the notes or using colourful sticky notes right in front of the study place also helps in learning faster.

Thus just studying effectively can make so much difference in better performance and achieving better results thus being more serious towards success and becoming a sort of a little extra studious.

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