How to Be a Responsible Student

Being a responsible student means creating a balanced schedule between schoolwork and other responsibilities in life. By managing studies one also has to manage other responsibilities like spending time with friends and family, doing household or other chores for them, helping them out while in need, working on one’s interests, taking out time for self, and much more. Taking complete responsibility for one’s study schedule, and grades helps a student to become a successful student. Developing certain habits and qualities like being punctual, being honest, being responsible, leading a healthy life, keeping a distance from distractions, investing time in fruitful outcomes, attending extra classes for extra credits, completing notes on time, paying complete attention in class, keep the main goal of student life as studies and behaving accordingly.

One becomes more and more responsible as aging with time. Student life mainly includes living a balanced, healthy, and fun-filled life, taking and completing all the responsibilities which are assigned, and also getting good grades in class along with managing all the other responsibilities. Below are a few tips to become a responsible student :

  • Time management
  • Attending classes regularly
  • Making notes and being attentive in class
  • Distancing one self from negative influences in life
  • Developing a helpful nature
  • Focusing on personal skills rather than comparing one’s self with others

1.Time management

Time management is the first and most important step towards being a responsible individual. One can gradually learn and manage time according to the priority of work. Managing and dedicating time is very much important. Preparing a list of tasks to be completed with priority levels and completing the tasks by the end of the day with efficiency is termed time management. Here are a few tips to manage time wisely :

  • Marking the tasks in a planner or calendar and keeping the track of deadlines, appointments, exams, extra classes, and every important event.
  • Preparing a timeline for all tasks and making it on time.
  • Being aware of all kinds distractions and being away from them.
  • Breaking down responsibilities into smaller parts, so that it does not become burdensome.
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2.Attending classes regularly

Attending all classes itself helps to complete the portion on time. Every gap may lead to a lack in the subject as the undone part or chapter may pile up if not learned on that given dedicated time. Attending extra classes can be a good time to revise what is already taught. Thus by attending all classes, it may help a student to collect extra credits or even incredible marks in the exam. Slacking and procrastinating in the classroom may be enjoyable at that particular moment, but it may cause greater damage to the future and such habits create hindrances in becoming a responsible student or a person.

3.Making notes and being attentive in class

Making notes of contents in the way one is comfortable to learn helps a lot in learning faster. Using different styles like making key point notes, understanding the information with flow charts, diagrams, pictures, graphs, or in any different manner than just reading it. Taking notes of what is being taught in the class with complete attention also helps in remembering it for a long period. One can use these different techniques in making notes like :

  • Pinning the notes or using colourful sticky notes to highlight the important information.
  • Using different tools like pencils, markers, highlighters, or pens to make more grasping notes.
  • Making timelines of the information if there are a lot of years to remember or for historic references.
  • Making neat and clean notes in order to maintain the clarity of the data.
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4.Distancing one self from negative influences in life

Distancing oneself from negative influences in life is very important as negative influences can make a person irresponsible, lethargic, and degrade one’s life. Distractions can be in any form like cell phones, social media, or even a person or an event. Distractions are also termed as bad influences in life. Possible negative influences of life can be :

  • Friends who lead us to bad habits like drinking alcohol, smoking and much more can be termed as bad influences.
  • Certain unhealthy habits like fast paced eating, not drinking enough water or eating and drinking unhealthy food and drink may also spoil one’s health and distract from the responsibilities.

5.Developing a helpful nature

Helping everyone around may it be a fellow schoolmate in the class, or a family member, or a friend, or even a younger sibling makes a person more caring and responsible. Such helpful nature leads to a better person who is considered reliable and responsible. Along with studies, scoring good marks and also helping a person out makes an individual more responsible and better. One can be helpful in many ways, a few of which are listed below :

  • Helping family members with household chores.
  • Helping a fellow classmate with study problems.
  • Helping a younger sibling in homework.
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6.Focusing on personal skills rather than comparing one’s self with others

Focusing on personal skills rather than comparing oneself with others is the best way for self-growth, becoming more responsible, confident, motivated and a successful student. One knows certain strengths and weaknesses of own. One should never compare one’s caliber with others as everyone has their strengths and weaknesses with different learning styles, different memory, and much more. So no student should be compared to one another as everyone is different, unique, and has different learning abilities.

Thus a student becomes more and more responsible with passing time, if the student leads a balanced, healthy, and fun-filled life, taking and completing all the responsibilities which are assigned, and also getting good grades in class.

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