how old do you have to be to work at Spirit Halloween stores?

There is one opening by the mall near my house and i was wondering how old you have to be. it opens 5 days before my 17th birthday and i really hope you can be 16 to work there.

Generally, you have to be 16 for most part time jobs (some states even allow people as young as 14 or 15 to work part time). Your parents may have to sign a form and you won’t be able to work certain hours due to school. To be sure, I would contact Spirit at [email protected] or by calling them. Their number is listed on the following site.

It must be that Specific Spirit Halloween store or employee. If I were you I’d file a complaint to the manager or district manager. I find the behavior of that employee completely unacceptable. What shames me is that some people who work at Halloween Stores are there because they need a job. i understand that the economy is terrible and people need every little cent they can get a hold of, but for a job where you are selling Halloween Costumes, for a Holiday that is supposed to be about having fun, I suggest people need to take a little pride in their work.

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Work At Spirit

We had one by me just before I turned 18 and for some reason I think you needed to be 18. More importantly though, you need to have 1or 2 years experience in a specialty store for them to consider hiring you. Since you’re only 16 you probably don’t have this. But it can’t hurt to apply anyway in case they’re short on hands!

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