How much weight can a thumbtack hold?

I’m talking about the normal size thumbtacks. I have some wall hangings that are suspended up on my walls by a single thumbtack each. I was wondering if anyone knew how much weight they could suspend without dropping what they are holding up.

it will depend on what your walls are made of.
If they are sheetrock then a thumbtack will not hold much weight. At a guess I would say a pound or less because a thumbtack in sheetrock will eventually cause the material around it to crumble. The higher the weight the quicker it will crumble.
Myself I would go to and see what they recommend for hanging things on walls.

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Sorry, you failed to say, what type of material you are sticking the thumb tack into. It will hold a lot mover in to wood, less into sheet rock, and much less into a papered plastered wall.

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Yes, it might be

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it depends…

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