How much notice do you have to give in to quit my job at McDonalds?

I’ve got a job at McDonalds and am looking to quit. Does anyone know how much notice I need to give in order to quit?

If you have worked there less than 3 months you dont have to give any notice if more than 3 months you should give 2 weeks notice but then again it is McDonalds we are talking about they are used to people leaving without notice.

You don’t have to give any, but you should give 1-2 weeks in writing. No matter how insignificant the job might seem, you want to leave the best possible impression on your past employers. You never know when you’ll run into them again…or if you might one day have to go crawling back there.
I worked at McD’s for a couple of years in high school and one of my old managers has quit three times now and may be going back for a 4th round of employment. It’s not her dream job, but it’s nice to know it’s available.

The proper notice of leave is 2 weeks. But you could ask your boss. I have known places where they accept a one week notice. To be safe tho incase you need the job back. Give them the 2 wk notice. Good Luck on your new job…

Technically, you don’t need to give any notice at all. Giving notice is a courtesy to your employer. HOWEVER, if you want a good reference from your manager which will help when looking for another job, you should give at least a week’s notice, but the norm is two weeks notice.

You don’t HAVE to give any notice, but the general rule is to give two weeks. Who knows, you may want to go back to work there some day.

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Most businesses request that you give them two weeks notice so that they have ample time to fill your soon-to-be vacant position.
That’s the best way to leave any business if you don’t want to leave on negative terms. This is especially important to keep in mind if you ever have to get a recomendation for another job.
Good Luck!

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I believe no matter where you work you should work out your 2 week notice. No shorter than a 1 week notice.

The appropraite notice would be 2 weeks. If they don’t want you to stay that long they’ll let you know.

At least two weeks that is if you might need to go back.


Two weeks is standard.

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