How much is 60 grams of marijuana?

haha enough to keep you high for a couple of weeks

60 Grams Of Weed

One gram (0r a dime bag) typically cost $10.00, unless you have a dealer that you don’t really know, or in other words they’re more of an aquatance than a friend. If that’s the case, then they’ll brobably charge more of rip you off. That also depends on the quality of the weed. No matter how good the bud is, don’t ever pay more than $15.00 for a dime bag. Otherwise your getting ripped off. Also, always have your dealer weigh out your weed in front of you. 1.0 grams is $10.00, 2.0 grams is $20.00, etc. 60 grams, if i’m not mistaken is $600.00 give or take. The thing that is strange, is that one ounce (a medium sized ziplock bag) weighs 28 grams and usually costs 300.00 to 450.00 depending on quality. Actually, 28 times 2 is 56. So really i’m only 40.00 short, 60 grams is 2 ounces. Or $560.00 , if you have anymore questions just ask me.

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Source(s): Lots of personal experience, selling and smoking weed.

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How much is 60 grams of marijuana?

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standard price around here are regs $10-1gram $20-20 bag 30-1/8 $60- 1/4 $150- ounce (kinda dirt, but it gets u high) good **** $20-1 gram $30-40- 1/8 $60-1/4 over $200 for an ounce

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