How much for a year long fishing licence from Walmart or Kmart?

I need to get a license for me my husband and brother. Is there any package deals also?

Prices for licenses to hunt, fish, trap, drive a vehicle, or get married are ALL issued by the state in which you purchasing the license, and the prices are determined ONLY by the state issuing the license. There are no discounts for (cheaper by the dozen?) buying more than one of a kind at a time, regardless of where you buy it. Wal-Mart and other discount stores do not sell the license for any more or less than any other “license agent” authorized by the state to represent them. Some states do not even reimburse the store or agent for selling the license, in which case, the agent is doing so ONLY as a service to the customer and to get them into the store in hopes they will make up for the time spent filling out the paperwork with you by ALSO selling you some bait and tackle or other equipment related to the type of license you buy. Likewise, Federal duck stamps, which you can usually also purchase from the licensing agent are issued by the U.S. government through the U.S. Postal Service. If your agent runs out, you can usually just drop by the post office and pick one up yourself. There again, the Feds determine the price of the waterfowl or migratory bird stamps and no discounts are offered to the agent or to the person buying the license and stamp. To my knowledge, ALL states sell their licenses beginning with the first day of January and ending on the last day of December of each calendar year, so you don’t save money by buying a license after half the year has already passed by. It makes sense to buy a license (and tags or stamps?) just as soon as they become available so you can make the most out of using them every chance you get. That’s the ONLY way I know to get to most bang out of your buck regarding state issued licenses. (I’m not sure that theory always applies to a marriage license though. Ha. Ha.) Good luck.

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How much for a year long fishing licence from Walmart or Kmart?
I need to get a license for me my husband and brother. Is there any package deals also?

Price varies by state. There’s no package deals that I’m aware of in my state as far as getting multiple fishing license at once. There is what they call a sportsman license which combines fishing/hunting license which save a nice bit of money. In my state a license is 20 bucks (Kentucky). Just Google your local fish and wildlife website to find an exact price.

If Cardiff is in California, no. You will need to buy a fishing license when you are 16. Even so, some local lakes and streams require a special license or fee to fish them.

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What Dan said. But I’ll add this: I bought a North Carolina license last year and they did offer a spouse add-on for ten bucks. That’s the only state I can think of that I’ve seen do that.

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As already stated, price is determined by state. I can say that here in Wi. the annual license (resident) is now $25. Wi. does give a discount for a husband/wife license but not for any other “groups”.

Just got one last week. I didn’t actually buy it, someone was nice enough to give it to me, but I think it was $47. There are package deals where you can get one for fishing and hunting, but idk how much that is. As for group pricing… I don’t think that matters. I’m pretty sure it’s $47 a pop.

depnds on state,same price at wally as a bait shop


depends on the state, a fishing license should cost the same no matter where you buy it

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