How much does it cost to be tattooed by kat von D?

Okay so I have been a really big fan of kat for ages now and I think she is a incredible artist I plan on getting alot of tattoos (big and small pieces) how much would it run me roughly for her to tattoo me (if she accepted me as a client) for a full back tat sleeves and some chest work?

Multiple thousands of dollars. Min. for a portrait is $1,000
Shop min. is $200, but I believe that does not apply to their high-end (famous) artists.

from doing a little research
If you get tattooed in the shop she works in (high voltage) they charge a min $200 a hour but she can charge more than that (through other pages its as much as 500 per hour)
They are based in hollywood

If you have to ask, you can’t afford it. ($500/hr.) There are better artists for a third of the price in LA. Check out “Ink Ink Tattoo” They have one master artist for color and two for black and grey. Anyone of them is better than her and one is even better looking than her.

And what will the tattoo cost you when you grow up and try to find a decent-paying job?

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