How many silicon-30 atoms are found in this plate? Very hard need help please!?

Monel steel is a corrosion-resistant copper-nickel alloy used within the electronics trade. A specific alloy with a density of 8.80 g/cm3 and containing 0.044% Si by mass is used to make an oblong plate that’s 15.0 cm lengthy, 12.5 cm broad, and a pair of.50mm thick and has a 2.50-cm-diameter gap drilled by means of its middle such that the peak of the outlet is 2.50mm .

First discover the quantity of the plate with out accounting for the outlet:

V = (15.0 cm)(12.5 cm)(0.250 cm) = 46.875 cm^3

The amount of the outlet is: (pi)(1.25 cm)^2(0.250 cm) = 1.2272 cm^3

Subtract the quantity of the outlet from the remainder: 45.648 cm^3

Multiply this by the density of the alloy to search out the mass: (8.80 g/cm^3)(45.648 cm^3) = 401.701 g.

0.044% of that is Si, so (0.00044)(401.701 g) = 0.17675 g is silicon.

i do not see what to do with the mass of the isotope you got. The pure abundance shouldn’t be by mass, however by the variety of atoms.

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So…i would use the typical atomic mass of silicon and Avogadro’s quantity to search out the variety of silicon atoms:

(0.17675 g)(1 mol/28.0855 g)(6.022E23 atoms/1 mol) = 3.794E21 atoms of Si.

3.10% of those are Si-30: (0.0310)(3.794E18 atoms) = 1.176E20 atoms of Si-30

Or, with two vital figures, 1.2E20 atoms.

Assuming it is a impartial atom, it’s going to have 14 electrons; 1 proton offers a +1 cost, 1 electron offers a -1 cost. To be impartial, it has to have the identical variety of every, therefore 14 electrons.

Monel Density

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