How many pictures does a 128 MB memory card hold?


It’ll be rely on mega-pixel…… if you use
1) 2megapixel digital camera it takes 900KB for every single you are getting 142 photos
2) 3megapixel digital camera it takes 1.2 mb for every single picture so that you gets 106 photos
that way
3) for 4megapixel 2.0mb each picture you are getting 64 photos
4) for 5megapixel 2.5mb each and you’ll get 51 photos
5) for 6megapixel 3.2mb each and also you wll get 40 photos
6) for 8megapixel 4.4mb each and you’ll get 29 photos
7) for 16megapixel 12.4mb each and you’ll get 10 photos
for 128 mb storage device……
I am hoping this imformation will allow you to…….
many thanks……………

This will depend regarding measurements of photographs you are taking.
For a 3 Megapixels, measurement of 2600*1900, it can take about 1.1 megabyte. Therefore in a 128 MB storage device, it could hold about 120 photographs.

completely is dependent upon the dimensions of the image
if images tend to be extracted from a 6 megapixel digital camera, chances are they will be really huge in dimensions, like 4MB for starters picture and so 32 photos.
if photos tend to be extracted from 4 or 2M digital camera, chances are they is going to be smaller together with card holds a lot more of all of them.

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