how many martinis can get u drunk?

It depends on your tolerance level. Martinis are 95% alcohol though, depending on the kind you get! It’s usually straight liquor eith shaken or stirred! Maybe two or three for you.

Source(s): bartender

About 4 or 5 depending on what type of martini it is. I have a really high tolerence level though seeing as I’ve done a lot of drinking.

4 or 5 martinis can probably make u drunk but they are really light.

Everyone handles their booze differently, I guess you could only find out by trying, but I wouldn’t suggest it.
Besides, why would you want to get drunk on something as disugusting as a martini, there are much more enjoyable drinks to help you get drunk and miserable.

Martinis contain the same amount of alcohol in them as beer. This depends on your weight and gender. How many beers does it take you to get drunk? It will take the same amount of martinis.

Answer 6

The most I ever had was three, so I am going to go with four. That third had me pretty messed up, four would put me over…

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Answer 7

One, I’m a lightweight

I had three the other night and I was fine.

One if you’re not used to drinking.
It is straight alcohol, after all

two for me.

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