How many grams is a 16th of an ounce?

im trying to convert it but idk how! ah help!!

Lets figure it out
454 g = 1lb = 16 oz
454/16 = 28.375 g/oz
28.375g/oz x 1/16 oz = 1.7734 g
OK ?

1 16 Of An Ounce

Two ways to derive this are as follows:
Then go search online for a unit calculator
specifically ounce to gram.
If you do this regularly download a good unit calculator it will be a life saver.
It will tell you that 1 ounce equals 28.3495231 grams. For convenience sake lets use 28.35g.
A) Multiply as follows 28.35x.0625=1.771875 grams
B) Divide as follows 28.35/16=1.771875
Either way will work though and its universal.

1.771845194. All you have to do is find how many grams are in one ounce and divide that number by 16 or muliply by 1/16.

1.75 ounces think about how to use them in todays society with drugs it takes 3.5 grams to make an eighth bag so divide that in half …28 grams per ounce

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Answer 6

1/16 oz. = 1.772 g.

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