How many different colors of Gideon Bibles are there?

I have 3 on my bookshelf and they are 3 different colors.`

Gideon Bible Colors

Here are the colors they use and what they are distributed for.

The covers of the New Testaments distributed by the Gideons are color coded based on which groups they’re meant for:

Orange: for sidewalk distribution to middle/high school students
Green: for college/university students
Red: for in-school distribution to Middle/High school students
Digital Camouflage/Desert Camouflage: for the military
Dark blue: for law enforcement personnel, firefighters, and EMTs
White: for medical professionals
Light blue: for distribution by the Auxiliary only
Brown: personal worker’s testaments (for individual witnessing by Gideons)
Periwinkle: personal worker’s testaments (for individual witnessing by the Auxiliary)

What is the GOLD one for ? This is the color of the Gideons Bible that I have

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