How many atoms are in one formula unit of the compound FeC5O5​

How many atoms are in one formula unit of the compound FeC5O5​

2 atoms are in the formula O2

O indicates oxygen and the 2 indicates two atoms, so there are two oxygen atoms.

The Fe indicates Iron and the 2 indicates there are two atoms of it.

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14 Explanation:

Answer 6

25 Explanation: The coefficient 5 applis to each element in the molecule, so there are 5 times 1 H atom, 5 times 1 N atom, and ,since O has a 3 subscript, there are 5 times 3 O atoms. Therefore there are 25 atoms.

Answer 7

28 Explanation: 28 is correct. (NH4)2 is equal to 10 atoms. (8 H and 2 N ) CO3 is equal to 4 atoms. (1 C and 3 O) That’s 14 atoms. But it’s two molecules of this. So you just multiply by the number of molecules (2), and you get 28.

5 atoms Explanation: A molecule is a particle of a compound or an element that is made up of two or more atoms.A compound is made up atoms from different elements. For example, A compound such as Mg(OH)₂ is made up of 1 magnesium atom, 2 oxygen atoms and two hydrogen atoms. An element on the other hand is made up of similar atoms. Most elements contain one atom while others such as oxygen and hydrogen are made up of two atoms.

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8 atoms as 4*2=8 Explanation:

The answer is 4 atoms.

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