how long will a kia soul last?

I am making payments on a 2019 kia soul and I bought the car with 26,000 miles at the end of January 2019. I now have 51,000 miles on and am worried the car wont last as long as what the length of time to pay the car off which is 5 more years. I drive 70 miles round trip jus to work adding up to 350 miles per week in work alone. Anyone know what the life expectancy out of the kia soul is or might be?

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It’s impossible to know. It depends on how gently you treat it and how well you maintain it, but if you keep driving it that many miles without keeping up with the recommended maintenance listed in the owners manual I doubt it will outlast your payments. You should be changing the oil every three months at that rate you’re piling up miles. I hope you also have GAP insurance because it is depreciating faster than you’re paying it off. It was foolish to get a loan that long on a used car.  I don’t know what you currently owe, but at the rate you’re driving, by the end of the year it’s resale value is going to be about 12 grand at best. I hope you make enough money to make that commute  worthwhile.

using trusty calculator I fed in the numbers you gave me and calculate in 5 years driving the same distance per year average you will stuff 113500 on the car.  Cars can last (or NOT) it depends totally on the driver…and the maintenance he does to keep the car running good.  Like changing air filter and oil filter and oil when it is due.  Not running out of coolant.  You seem to get enough driving in to charge the battery so you should get full life out of a battery (which I have noted on a 5 year battery (which is about 7 years.)  Then you used up all the lead.  (It is still there but it fell out of the grid.) For $100 you get another 5 year new battery.  Chances are good the muffler is not rusted off.  Brake pads may need replacing…as you do need to stop…before you damage the rotors.  Have a mechanic you trust give you an eyeball assessment. Also have him change the pads for you. Spend it on the car instead of your girl friend or ALCOHOL.  Tires are probably needy of replacement with something with tread.  This is the REGULAR MAINTENANCE OF A CAR.
With luck the car will do 100K without too much problem.  Which normally used to take 10 years. Which is about the life of an engine without it needing some work (engine rebuilding) to get it to go farther.
. You might be that Lucky schit.  But there is also a good chance you will crash the puppy & you still have to pay for a car that went to the junk yard.
. As you are making payments – the money is STILL OWED-car or no car. Bank does not car if you ATE THE FUCCKINnG THING.  You borrowed money from them and all they want is ALL the money U borrowed with interest.
The Soul has not been out that long to have a longevity history.  Otherwise check out Consumer Reports car reliability on the web.  This report is made out by car OWNERS, (not manufacturers) so you can see the possible weak spots upcoming in your car(maybe)  You average out the complaints to figure out what is likely to happen.
Maybe pay it off faster?

You need to change the oil and filter every 3,000 miles or every 5,000 miles when running synthetic oil. You also need to check the oil level every 1,000 miles between oil changes and keep it topped up. Your motor has cam advance actuators that will fail if the oil level gets too low or oil gets too dirty. The on board oil change reminder goes too many miles before telling you to change the oil. You’ll make it through the warranty period but the motor will last a lot longer following my recommendations.

If you are doing all the regular maintenance religiously as it shows in the owners manual in the glove box then it should last a very long time so long as you drive properly and don’t stomp on the gas all the time.  How long it lasts really all depends on things like how often you change the oil and are you driving it gently or is is being used as a fleet vehicle.  Is it garaged all the time or is it parked in salt water?

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Don’t Kias gave a 7 year warranty anyway?
Just make sure , you fulfil your obligations to it.( service etc).

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It can last a very long time, provided that you keep it maintenance. Use good quality oil & filter (I like synthetic & K&N). Air filter & transmission serviced on time (45,000 recommended) & check the fluids weekly. Wash it weekly & keep the tires rotated. A Kia Soul is one of the highest rated vehicles on the road. Don’t second guess yourself. You did alright.

It depends on how well you take care of the car.

Your car is more reliable than average. 
You also give it a good run twice a day instead of lots of piddly little local trips where it would rarely get fully warmed up, and your daily commute is less likely to involve constantly changing between the gas and brake pedals. Your daily commute is also less likely to be on rough, pot-holed, bumpy, minor roads and more likely to be on well-maintained higher speed roads; if so then there will be less wear than usual to the suspension and steering components, and even the suspension bushings should last longer than normal.
So as long as you maintain your car correctly in line with Kia’s recommended schedules it is easily likely to get to a very high mileage without many problems. Sure, parts will wear out which are not usually considered consumables, but few cars ever see the mileage yours will probably do. Kia cars also do not have a reputation for spontaneous faults.
So don’t worry about it. You’re committed now anyway. If you’d purchased anything from GM, Fiat-Chrylser, VAG, Land Rover and other manufacturers who have earned a bad reputation for reliability and longevity then your worries might be valid. But it seems that you probably made an informed choice to start with.
In any case your commuting mileage really isn’t that major: 350 miles a week for maybe 50 weeks a year is only 17,500 miles a year. Over five years that’s still only 87,500 miles added due to commuting. Add the existing 26k the car came with and the total is still comfortably well within what you should expect of almost any modern car. Including those with a poor reputation.


Just drive it and follow the maintenance requirements in the owner’s manual.  If it is broken, get it fixed.  Do not kill yourself worrying on how long it will last.

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