How long should a “moment of silence” last?

When you’re somewhere and have a moment of silence for those who perished or died, how long should that moment of silence be? A minute? Only 30 seconds? what’s the etiquette to knowing the time frame?

30 seconds is about right. Otherwise you say “a minute of silence” , or 5 minutes, or whatever. A moment would always be less than a minute.

The moderator (minister, host, MC, whatever) guides that and begins to speak when it is over.

Well, in some sporting events in the United States, a moment’s silence in remembrance of victims of any incident may last five to ten seconds.

The time is not so important, but whether u are actually having a reverent thought. The idea is by having a moment of silence, that u will ponder what happened and grow from that experience.

Theres no guarantees…if u dont feel some sort of meaning then its dum

For instance, if u are at a monster truck show and they say lets have a moment of silence so you can praise whatever god u me thats totally meaningless

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i’ve always wanted to know that. thanks for asking this question

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