How long does it take to hear back from a Master’s Application?

How long does it take to hear back from a Master’s Application? Students who are having a master’s degree will be useful for them to get a job easily as it will make the student stand out from the crowd. Especially when there are candidates who have an undergraduate degree and a student who has a master’s degree the person will be highlighted. This article will guide you on how long it takes to hear back from a Masters application

How long does it take to hear back from a Master’s Application?

Mostly the University decides a time frame in which The Master application process is to be completed. Hands making it possible to give a reply from the university within a few weeks. For example, a University almost makes the decision within three weeks to send a receipt of the application and does ensure that they have received a receipt of the application before they received a reply. There are universities that do all the processes by online method and the student can easily track the status of the application. 

When is the Latest student Can Receive an Offer?

The time of receiving an offer depends on the application when it is sent by the students and the application by the 29th January deadline then they can receive an offer by early May and the student who applied by 30th June can get an offer by mid-July. And the end of October is considered a realistic time frame to receive an offer. Students should set a reminder so that they keep track of all the dates.

Why Does Receiving an Offer Take So Long?

There is no decided waiting time to receive an offer as every university has its own way of selecting the application of the student. The student can look on the website of the University for estimating the deadlines to receive an offer. The application goes through various steps such as they have to access all the material that the student has submitted with the application.

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The university administration needs to find a good supervisor. They have to select the application and rank the applicant for funding. After all the processes they have to invite the application of the student for an interview. If the student’s application is not selected then the Administration Department will give the information to the student about it. The approx time taken to complete the whole process is around 12 weeks.

What Are the Potential Outcomes of a Master’s Application?

The following are the potential outcomes of the master’s application:

  • Unconditional
  • Conditional 
  • Interview
  • Unsuccessful


The unconditional outcome means that the student has been selected and has a granted place on the course in the university and does not require anything else as they have met all the entry requirements.


In the conditioner outcome, the student does have the offer to join the course but they have to show evidence of their exam result.

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If the student receives an interview as an outcome it means that the admission tutor will decide whether to invite the student to the course or not.


Receiving an outcome of unsuccessful means that the student is not selected for any place on the course. But in this case, the student should not feel disheartened and stressed about it.

How Can You Speed Up The Process of Applying for a Master’s Degree?

The student does not get any offer from the university they will feel helpless but they can do a few things which will make them keep their mind busy such as:

  • They can Keep checking their emails and make sure that they don’t miss any emails from the university. 
  • The student should make sure that all the documentation is submitted during the process of application. 
  • The student can also send an email to the admission department asking if they have received all the documents which were required. 
  • The student should know the process of sending the documents to the university. If they don’t know how to send them, they can take the guidance of the elder. 
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There are some students who send a message to UCAS but the UCAS do not have any role in the selection process of the university. As it totally depends upon the UCAS to select the student for the course or not. The UCAS is considered a middleman between the university and the student in the process of applying for a master’s degree. The student should have all the required documents with them so that it is used to delay the process of the application and the student should avoid submitting the failed document as it will delay receiving the outcome of the application.


The process of receiving an application reply for applying for a master’s degree depends upon the student’s time when they have applied for the course but the approx time considered for this process is around 12 weeks and if the student is not capable of getting the place for the course in the university they will inform the students by sending the email.


How long after the master interview do the students hear back? 

The student can receive an admission decision within a minimum of 10 days or they can also take a maximum of 2 months.

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