How long does it take to get your LaunchBox from Full Sail University?

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I am supposed to start the computer animation program at Full Sail in 3 days and I am just wondering if anyone knows how soon you get the LaunchBox with the computer?

Hi Kendra!

Great question and congratulations on your upcoming start in Computer Animation! Students enrolled in an online bachelors degree at Full Sail University receive their Project Launchbox towards the end of their first online class. You must complete Satisfactory Academic Progress during the first two weeks of class to be eligible to receive your Project Launchbox.

If you do have any other questions about your Project Launchbox or starting classes, please give your Admissions Representative or Enrollment Team a call at: 800.226.7625.

All the best with your education!

Hannah M.
Full Sail University

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How long does it take to get your LaunchBox from Full Sail University?
I am supposed to start the computer animation program at Full Sail in 3 days and I am just wondering if anyone knows how soon you get the LaunchBox with the computer?

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Charles, Full Sail is very much a real university, if they weren’t, there would not be as many students joining and referring other students, like myself. I am learning a lot and I love it! Do not spread misinformation.
To answer your question, Kendra, Full Sail does things different now and Full Sail provides your Apple Macbook Pro after the 4th month or if you have transfer credits you can get it even sooner.

Programmers are quickly expanding the possibilities of the medium, and that creative spirit is the basis of Full Sail’s Mobile Development Bachelor of Science Degree. This 32-month online program teaches programming and design fundamentals that provide students with the tools to start a career producing a range of interactive content for different mobile platforms. The curriculum explores the complete cycle for producing professional mobile applications, including preproduction, development, and market deployment. Early courses focus on design principles that cater to the strengths of different devices, and teach the importance of creating an intuitive user experience.

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I started on August 29th 2016… So far the school has been legit. I’m only posting this because no one else has a clear time frame. In my fourth month, the third week, on friday I got an email in my student inbox for the package. It was being processed for shipment. The following monday (fourth week) I got an email in my student inbox as well as my gmail saying it would be shipped by thursday (fourth week.) Hope I helped anybody with questions and need a newer update.

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Full Sail is not a real university because it lacks a comprehensive curriculum. It is very good for learning music mixing and board work, much weaker at all its other topics mainly due to weak teachers. I dont know your specific question but why not ask the school?

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What is the launch box?

What our team says

How long does it take to get your LaunchBox from Full Sail University?

Launching a startup can be an incredibly exciting and challenging experience. Full Sail University offers a comprehensive program that can help you get started quickly, but it can also be time-consuming and costly. In this article, we’ll take you through the steps involved in getting your startup launched at Full Sail University, and provide estimated times for each stage.

How to order a LaunchBox

Full Sail University has a great blog on ordering their LaunchBox.

The first step is to create an account at Full Sail University, which can be done by clicking the link on their website. Once you have created your account, you will need to create a password. After that, you will need to login and go to My Account. In My Account, click Ordering & Buying and then LaunchBox. On the Ordering & Buying page, you will need to fill out your information including your email address and choose which LaunchBox model you would like. The next step is to choose your payment method. You can pay with PayPal or Credit Card. After you have filled out all of your information, click the Checkout button and submit your order!

How long it takes to receive your LaunchBox

If you ordered your LaunchBox from Full Sail University, it should arrive in the mail within 5-7 business days. You will need to provide your shipping information when you placed your order, and our team will update you as soon as your box arrives.

What is in a LaunchBox?

LaunchBoxes are not just a nifty little box that you can use to launch rockets; they’re a powerful tool for learning and development.

A LaunchBox comes complete with all the necessary hardware and software to get you started with rocketry, including an Arduino Uno, sensors, and code.

The instructions that come with the box will walk you through the basics of setting everything up, from firing the rockets to programming the Arduino.

It’s a great way to get your feet wet in the world of rocketry without having to spend a fortune on gear or take on too much technical debt.

LaunchBoxes provide a low-cost way to learn about electronics, programming, and engineering, so be sure to check out Full Sail University’s website for more information!

How to use a LaunchBox

Getting your LaunchBox from Full Sail University is easy. You can find the box in the digital media resources room or in the software section of the library. The box includes a computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and printer.

To use the LaunchBox, you first need to set it up. This involves connecting the computer to the box through a cable and setting up an account with Login.FM. You will also need to install the software that came with the box.

Once you have set up your computer and account, you are ready to start using the LaunchBox. The first step is to find a project to work on. There are many different projects available, including video editing, sound editing, and web design. Once you have chosen a project, you can start working on it by downloading the software from Login.FM and installing it on your computer.

The LaunchBox is a great way to get started in digital media production. It is easy to use and comes with many helpful tools and instructions. If you have any questions about using the box or about any of the projects available, don’t hesitate to contact Full Sail University’s digital media resources staff or visit our website for more information.


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