how long does it take to drive 8-9 miles?

it’s not a straight-away road. but there isn’t that much traffic.. i think?!

well how fast will you be going?

15 minutes-20 Minutes.

It takes us about half an hour, maybe five minutes longer to drive a particular distance each week to our relatives house, which apparently is 10 Miles.

10 Miles = 30 Minutes, approxx.

I was just up in Boston. The road I travel was just 4 miles but took 20 minutes (all local). Here in NYC (not Manhattan) I can usually go 4 miles (local) in about 10 minutes.

So it all depends on the local conditions.

Good Luck…

What’s the speed limit on the road you’re speaking of?? Usually going 55 mph…. about 30 minutes; if that long !!

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9 minutes if you drive at 60 mph

Answer 6

In science class, we learned Distance = Rate x Time, or

Time = Distance/Rate

So depending on your car’s speed, you can compute accurately the time it will take to negotiate a certain distance. For example, if your speed is 35mph, then

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Time = 9mile/35mph = 0.26hour
To translate to minutes = 0.26 x 60min = 15.6minutes

Considering traffic, let us say 20minutes.

Answer 7

12~14 minutes.

It will take one hour if you drive 8 mph.

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