How long does it take a tree to grow in Minecraft?

My property is gonna have a tree(s) in the backyard and i’ve already planted a sapling. It, uh…doesn’t seem to be growing that fast. How long should i have to wait?

trees can take anywhere from a day to about 3 or 4 days in minecraft(about 10-40 minutes of sunlight). if you put a torch next to the tree, and don’t sleep the night away, as long as you are in rendering distance from the sapling, the tree should grow in about a half hour.

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Trees will take approximately 30 minutes to grow fully. The way trees gros is that it must check for three things: space above, light, and what the block beneath it is. a tree that has lots of space around and is in a big area will grow very quickly. This is because trees make an attempt to grow about once every 30 minutes. When they attempt to grow, they choose what size they will be etc. If there is not enough room or something, then it will not grow. If you really want trees to grow fast, then use bonemeal on it. You get bonemeal from putting bones into your crafting bar. just right click a sapling with it in your hand. This will not guarantee the tree will grow. In most cases, it will grow, but what bonemeal really does is make the tree “attempt” to grow. The tree will still need space to grow, but bonemeal is just instant grow.

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Minecraft Oak Tree

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It takes about 3~5 game days, or about 30 minutes of game play, to grow. A sapling needs enough space above and around it to grow, and I understand putting a torch at it’s base helps. A sapling grows best on dirt blocks.

if you craft a skeleton bone into bonemeal you can make the tree grow much faster by using the bonemeal on it.

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about 30 min. i understand how you feel. i once played a sky block map and i was like “grow tree grow!” so yeah about 30 min. unless there is no light or no space, then it just can’t. you couldn’t grow if you didn’t have space either.

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Wow, thankyou! exactly what I was looking for. I looked for the answer on other websites but I couldn’t find them.

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