How long does 7-10 Business shipping days take?

So I ordered something off eBay and I am wondering how long 7-10 business shipping days take. I ordered it on around wednesday.

it takes 7-10 business days/weekdays. Ordering on wednesday should mean it arrives early in the week (mon/tue/wed), 2 weeks later

Business Days dont include saturday and sunday.. So 7 business days can be about 10-11 actual bays and 10 business days can be about 14 actual days

Business days are Monday to Friday, so 7-10 days would mean next Friday through the following Wednesday.

Business Day Calculator

okay.. well you ordered it on wednesdaay

and they usually dont count saturday and sunday as a business day
so, im guessing in 7-10 days your product should arrive either on either friday next week or the monday after

Hope I helped! =)

Answer 6

7-10 days not including weekends or holidays. You’ll probably get it around thur or fri.

Answer 7

could be 3-5 business days, they always over estimate the time of delivery.

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business days r every day but sunday and saturday


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