How long can a leftover Subway sandwich stay fresh in the fridge?

The sandwich contains meat: chicken to be specific.

I wouldn’t keep it longer than 3 days. However, it’s most likely that the bread will become soggy from any sub sauce or tomatoes you’ved asked to have added.
If you add banana peppers, olives, or any other similar topping that is kept in brine, they will add to the possibility of the sandwich getting soggy.

If you remove the veggies from the sandwich before putting it in the refrigerator the bread will not get soggy. The sandwich will be all right overnight. Just put it back together again the next day. I would not keep it any longer.

Subway Hoagies

It will be safe for up to one week, but if you don’t eat it the next day the bread will either become rock hard or soggy depending on what’s on that sandwich. I would throw it away if it is not eaten the next day because of that aspect.

Depends on :is it wrapped tightly? how cold is it? I keep mine at 35 degrees so everything lasts longer. A sub with tomato/mayo can get soppy/sloppy so you might want to separate the tomato in the future. There’s a lot of fear about getting sick from “older” foods in the fridge and its mostly unfounded (lies my mother told me!) Smell it, look at it, and you can certainly tell by tasting it. Anyway maybe up to 3-4 days!

Answer 6

The answer is but a simple one.
Buy it and throw it in the bin.
Then go and buy a proper sandwich with REAL ingredients that have not been processed. Disgusting food. Better to have KFC

Answer 7

1-2 days! I just had one last night that I kept in the fridge for 2 days! It was still good!


I ve had one 3 days later without a problem. Still crisp. I hadn t added any sauces to it when I got it though so doesn t get soggy.


Eat one 6 inch tonight and the other one tomorrow night and you will be fine. I would not push it till Tuesday… Enjoy!

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