how far can an aircraft carrier catapult throw a volkswagen?

It can launch a jet.

Video of a vehicle launch from a carrier.

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How much does the VW weigh, and how aerodynamic is it? The other answers are euphemistic b.s.

An itcraft carrier catapult doesn’t throw anything. They assist a jet under full power to reach takeoff speed in a very short amount of time.

The catapult assists the jet in takeoff.  The jet engine is running at full power when the assist engages.

Answer 6

A carrier catapult does not “launch” a jet but rather assists the jet with take-off from a short runway

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Not that they’ve actually officially ever tried it(unofficially they probably have knowing my fellow serviceman as this Veteran does…), I’m not sure, but you’d take the person’s dimensions(height, weight, girth)into factor as well as the launcher’s stats…yes they are probably all different meeting specs of Naval Regulations, etc.

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