How does this excerpt prove that odysseus causes his crew’s demise

How does this excerpt prove that odysseus causes his crew’s demise

D Explanation:

By revealing his ignorant assumptions

By revealing his ignorant assumptions

Explanation  :By revealing his ignorant assumptions excerpt proved that odysseus causes his crews demise

Odysseus feels that he has the right to hospitality from the Cyclops because that is something that his culture values. However, the Cyclopes do not live by these rules. When Odysseus puts out the Cyclops’ eye and takes his things, he offends the Cyclops.This in turn causes the Cyclops to ask his father, Poseidon, a god, to help him avenge the wrongs of Odysseus. One of the consequences for Odysseus is the demise of his crew. If Odysseus hadn’t been so arrogant, his crew would still be alive.

Answer 6

The correct answer choice for the question: How does this excerpt prove that Odysseus causes his crew´s demise, would be, D: By revealing his ignorant assumptions. Explanation: “The Odyssey” is one of the greatest works of literature in history, and it was written during Ancient Greece, by Homer. It is one of the most important literary works in Western history and one of the oldes too. In this particular excerpt from part 2 of “The Odyssey”, Odysseus keeps on digging against the  Cyclopes and uses threats against the being believing that the creature has the same beliefs and fears as he does. He blatantly ignores the fact that this Cyclopes does not care about the gods that he fears so much, and therefore, threatening, or entreating him, with the goodwill, or ill will of them, is useless and only angers the creature more. In the end, this ignorance proves fatal.

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Answer 7

The last answer choice is most likely the correct answer. Odysseus assumes that the Cyclop values the same things and gods he himself does. Odysseus simply assumes Polyphemus will give him and his crew hospitality for free.

This excerpt proves that Odysseus causes his crew’s demise: D. by revealing his ignorant assumptions. Explanation: The excerpt we are analyzing here belongs to the epic poem The Odyssey. The hero of the story, Odysseus, is talking to a Cyclops, but his ignorant assumptions about the Cyclops’s kind leads to his crew’s demise. Odysseus assumes the Cyclopes, just like humans, fear and respect the gods. That’s why he appeals to that notion when he says, “Zeus will avenge the unoffending guest.” However, to his sad surprise, the Cyclops is immediately angered by those words, revealing he could not care less about the gods. The Cyclopes are clearly an arrogant kind, believing they “have more force by far.” Since Odysseus did not know that, his words cause a tragedy.

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This is a tricky one. I’d say go with D.

​the answer is: revealing his ignorant assumptions During the act, Odysseus was Consumed by his pride and arrogance, which make him believe that he could take on all the Gods even before seeing what they are capable of. This ignorant assumptions eventually make his crews had to face a foe with larger force that they could handle, leading to their demise.

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