How does the author develop pratap’s character in this passage?

c. by way of the character’s perspective and perspective Rationalization:

The right reply is C. Via direct statements and outline Rationalization: In literature characters check with the individuals or beings which are concerned within the story and whose actions have an vital function within the growth of the plot, resulting from this, characters may be launched, offered or described within the story in numerous methods this consists of by way of dialogues, direct description or by the character actions and perspective. Within the case of direct description, the narrator describes the actions of the character, the character options or bodily options primarily by way of direct statements that reveals the reader the best way a personality is with out together with dialogues or different extra oblique units. Within the case of Pratap, this character is offered by way of direct statements and outline because the narrator immediately describes Pratap passion of catching fish and actions associated to it, on this manner, the narrator makes use of phrases and statements to create a vivid picture of the character and presenting it to the reader, which is what description is about, additionally this descriptions don’t suggest dialogues or totally different parts, however the narrator goes straight to saying to the reader how the character is.

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The fitting reply is possibility three. Within the passage, the creator develops Pratap’s character by way of direct and clear expressions, in addition to written accounts of his character. On this method, he depicts Pratap’s predilection for fishing and his affection for Subha, whose dumbness makes a wonderful companion.

I feel the creator’s growth of Pratap’s character within the story within the given excerpt above can be seen by way of the author’s use of the character’s perspective and perspective. It may be clearly seen that Pratap did not like folks that a lot and most well-liked a taciturn companion with the passion he had which is fishing.

The reply is c as a result of it provides the statements. To show it within the textual content it says “he managed to waste alot of time this manner…” Which recommend that he’s stating it. Hope it helps.

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