How does feet taste like?


I enjoy whenever my boyfriend licks my foot, he’d said they are salty with an equivalent flavor as chicken. There was clearly one time i did not cleaned my foot before he licked all of them, and then he don’t liked the feeling. Easily had been your gf and I also had been in identical scenario, i might make my boyfriend eat my foot dirty!!!
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Just What Do Ft Taste Like

When they taste everything like pig’s foot or chicken foot, they taste DAMN GOOD!!!! therefore, sprinkle just a little vinegar in it once you newly clean all of them down in a clean cooking pan (to ensure they are clean!), after which begin slurping!


If it is the consequence of a wager, only take action and dont bother about it.

Answer 6

Just how stupid will you be? Bring your very own base put it inside lips now you simply took all guess-work away .

Answer 7

this will depend exactly what she stepped on. if she washed it into the bath, it must only taste like epidermis. if she stepped on shxt, it must smell like shxt.

quite like pus*y and mozzarella cheese


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