how do you write 7/200 as a decimal (show all work)?

You could just divide 7 by 200 on your calculator.
Alternatively 7/200 is the same as 3.5/100 and we know we can write this as 0.035.

7/200 is the same as saying 7 divided by 200. Also, please note that we can write as 7.000 ( we could carry on writing another 1million zeros after the decimal point and this still would not affect the value of the 7. Its all about place value. We still have 7 in the units place, followed by a string of zeros after the decimal point. Therefore:
7.000 divided by 20 = 0.035
I dont know how to explain this on hear, but you can use long division if you need to show all your working. i’ll have a go anyways.
7.0 divided by 20 = 0.0 (think about taking the 7 behind the decimal point and make it 0.70 – you can consider this the same as saying 70 divided by 20 at this point.)
7.00 divided by 20 = 0.03 with remainder 0.01 (think about taking the 7 behind the decimal point and make it 0.700 – you can consider this the same as saying 700 divided by 200 at this point which 3 [becase 3 x 200 = 600] with a remainder of 100) you will to add this 0.01 to the rest of your division.
7.000 = 0.035 (follow this same principle as above to see how this was done!!!!)
I am not sure I have explained this very well, but it is one of those problems where you have to see the person face to face for them to benefit. Just apply long division to this. if you know long division then you are good to go!!!!
Good luck.

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ok…….. well you find the square root of 200, and multiply that by 42. You then add 2, subtract 2, then add 2 again. you should come up with Pi. Repeat a couple times until you realize, I should have used a calculator in the first place.

remember 7/200= seven two hundreths
then remember that a fraction is a division problem
so divide 200 into 7 and get 28.57142857

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(7 / 2) / 100
= 3.5 / 100
= 0.035

Answer 6

Do long division or use a calculator.

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