how do you straddle someone?

I feel really dumb.. cuz i was asked to do this… and have no clue what it is…

My guess is your boyfriend asked you to straddle him. Men love the feeling of women gently straddling them. Had this love since I was young. Just be comfortable when you do it…kneel over the person than sit down gently…like playful wrestling when you pin somebody down….have a nice picture on my yahoo profile. ([email protected]). good luck..and remember if your not comfortable..Don’t do it…-:)

Honey, don’t straddle anyone especially some dumb guy that’s telling you to do things. Don’t feel stupid.

umm one leg on each side of whatever you are straddling. like straddling a horse. yahhh like that lol.

I answered this a few days ago. Go here to read it;;_ylt=As1S9…

one leg on each side…like riding a horse

Answer 6

tell whoever asked you to do this to go to hell.

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