how do you say great grandma or great grandpa in Greek?

Προγιαγιά (ΠΡΟΓΙΑΓΙΑ) – Projaja -Great grandmother
Προπαππους (ΠΡΟΠΑΠΠΟΥΣ) – Propapous – Great grandfather
on words Projaja and Propapous the first part (pro) is like the “great” on great grandmother and great grandfather…so if u want to say great great grandmother u say Pro-projaja.
U read -j as -j on word Ajax ,all -a’s as -a on word accept and -ou *** -oo on word cooper.
On Projaja u tone the last -a and on Propapou u tone the last -ou.
if u address/talk to your great grandfather u dont call him “propapous” ,u call him Propapou (ex. Hello Propapou).

Great Grandma- Μεγάλη γιαγιά
Great Grandpa- Μεγάλη Παππού

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Pro yia yia
Pro yio yio

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