How do you safely destroy a voodoo doll of yourself without killing yourself?

I know voodoo dolls aren’t real. But say, for example, you had a voodoo doll of yourself–one that if you poked, you would feel the pain.

Have your friend soak it in rum until it dissolves. You will just get a little drunk. When you sober up, the doll isn’t working any more.

A voodoo doll must have a personal item of your attached to it. Often some of your hair or clothing. Remove that and the doll looses all power. you can then destroy the doll.
The mechanism also works both ways. Any harm that comes to you can come to the doll. Hypothetically speaking, if you stuck your hand in a fire the flames would burn the doll, but not you. You’d need iron will power to do this, though. If you doubted even for a second that the flames would burn the doll, they would burn you instead.

Well, for a voodoo doll to work, it has to have something that belongs to the person you are trying it on. E.g. a piece of the persons hair. You wrap the hair around the voodoo and it relates to your victim because it is their DNA basically. To stop this from happening – take of that item (in this case, hair). So as long as nothing is touching the voodoo doll that is close to a person/victim… you can destroy it.

properly, you will desire to first attempt giving it a soft yet thorough rub down interior the genital section, and notice of it produces an orgasm. If no longer, do no longer worry with the different experiments. it’s going to reason the toaster to spark off the smoke alarm, it’s going to reason the bathroom to require an costly service call, and the blender will wreck the doll for different applications. If it DOES reason an orgasm, you may besides sit down the doll on an electric powered toothbrush, plug the toothbrush into an equipment timer, and circulate on approximately your widespread events. whilst the timer activates the toothbrush, you would be the 1st to appreciate!

Voodoo dolls have spells & a personal item attached to it. Take the item off and reverse the spell then burn it or whatever…

Answer 6

You put the doll on a railroad track just after a train left and watch from a safe distance -not near another 1 -when the next 1 comes and destroys the doll.

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Now who would make a voodoo doll of themself? Funny.

I know you know that it requires something personal to make a voodoo doll so, I am not going to insult your intelligence by reiterating something that has already been said. However what has not been said is that voodoo dolls are a form of sympathy magic or henna. Voodoo is merely a more popular name that Hollywood has completely overused and distorted. In that respect they are not harmful to begin with but are actually a form of healing or protection magic. They are used to counter pain not cause it. The one who said soak it is rum was partially correct it will counter-affect the doll but it will not get you drunk. However there is also the fact that the respected person whom the doll represents if they just simply take back the personal item that the doll uses to link to them, then the doll is naturalized (dispelled) anyway.

Ignore the voodoo doll. Voodoo isn’t real. Destroying it won’t do anything to you unless you set it on fire and then set it in your lap.
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Do anything you like. Dolls can’t impart damage on a human, but we can sure have fun doing them in!

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