how do you prounounce grandma and grandpa in lebanese?

sitto and giddo, how do you pronounce them?

it’s Teta & Jeddo !

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Beautiful no matter how its said , it comes up beautiful! in my family circle we say Sittie and Giddy but the G is pronounced J but then our Cousins on my Grandfathers side say Teta and Gido so it truly is dialect cause they are from the mountains in Lebanon and My Sittie and Giddy lived down by the shore most of their young lives..
Warm Hugs to you all <3 and thank you so much <3


Answer 6

like if u were to say timber
that TI sound
so Teee
Teita – grandma
is just like
like Gymbore
that sound the Gy makes
then a d sound
then do
like dough u bake cookies with
Jeddo – grandpa
idk i never learned english phonics or whatever so idk how else to explain it

Answer 7

it depends on the region you’re from but mostly it’s teta and jeddo…like Aussie just said…but some places they call teta sitto or teyta

All my cousins and I call them Sito and Jido, but my grandma called me “Teita”. In Palestinian Arabic they say “Siti” and in MSA you say “Jeda”. It all depends on the region, the dialect, and the cultural.

I have never heard of Sitto lol,it’s sitty/Teyta and Jeddo.


sittee (city) and jiddo (jid doe)
South Lebanon

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