How do you pronounce Akhal Teke?

akhal teke is pronounced (ack.hal.tec.e)
the hul bit is pronounced like hull, as on a ship.

Try saying Akhal Teke. It works like a charm.

Arharl Tiki is how I have always heard it pronounced. In the culture where these horses originated, the A is softer than we say it here in America.

I’ve always pronounced it ah-hal tekay, and everyone i’ve heard say it has said the same. Apple tikis made me laugh

Ak- Hall Tech- E

Answer 6

A friend of mine breeds them…and she says…
Ack el Tek eee
She’s from South Africa and has an accent, so…I don’t know if that has anything to do with her pronunciation.

Answer 7


Hey BB whats been happening? Hope things are fine with you. Havent had a chance to send you that info but I will, bye

(ack as in hack) (hull as in skull) (tee as in sea) (kee as in bee)

arglegarling pots
or something similar

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