How do you play the A is B is C is what is D riddle?

Example: If A is my car, B is my shoe, C is my blouse what is D?

The number of vowels in each word is incrementing by one with each subsequent letter.

A) car =1
B) shoe =2
C) blouse =3
D) toothpaste =4 (for example)

The riddle is based on the alphabet.
A is the clock
B is the speakers next to it
C is the whiteboard
What is D ? (the wall)

A is the lock
B is the key
C is the door frame
What is D ? (the whole door)

There’s a sign saying 1B2
A is 1
B is B
C is 2
What is D ? (the girl sitting next to me)

A is the compass
B is the pencil
C is the scissors
What is D ? (the girl sitting opposite me)

(lol shine)
A is Replay
B is A.Mi.Go
C is Ring Ding Ding
What is D ? (Hello)

I don’t know the answers because I got this from someones question. Hope I helped! =D

I tried to figure it out but couldn’t find anything. I think TroupM is right for a section of it.

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