How do you know if someone’s blocked communications with you on Xbox?

If you are blocked on someones Xbox and you try and send them a friend request can you still press the button and see the request sent or will it go back to add friend instantly?

Test it by sending the person a friend request. It won’t let you if you’re blocked by them.
Note: To unblock someone, the person must send a message to the one they blocked.

If someone has blocked you then you can tell by trying to send a friend request. It won’t allow you to send it. A normal message will look like it’s sent you see so the friend request is the only way to check. The person obviously won’t receive it tho so don’t worry about them seeing it.

I know this is out of the question, i am trying to make new friends cause my old friend list is “old” ( i dont want to point out other things, but i think u get it, so if you are interested, please reply back, cause i will be more than glad to answer you, and thank you

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