How do you get vomit out of your nose????

I’m 3 months pregnant and I vomit all the time. I vomit so bad that it comes out of my nose….i just finishing puking and there is still stuff up my nose…I’ve tried blowing my nose, gargling water and mouthwash, trying to force my self to throw a luggy….HELP ME…its very irritating….What can I do???

Oh man, thats bad, it happens. your nasal pores and hair are irritated from the stomach acid. honestly, not much can be done other than water and nose spray can help. but check before useing a spray for chemicals since ur pregnant.

Vomit From Nose

Maybe try some saline nasal spray. Spray some up your nose and blow it out in a tissue. Works with a stuffy nose, so it maight work in your situation…congratz on the baby! I hope all goes well!

Hold your cupped palm under a running faucet, sniff a little water in your nose but not too hard, you just want it in your nose. Blow out. It’ll clean your nose so you’re not smelling that disgusting smell.
REMEMBER! Not too hard!

well i need an awnser

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