How do you get to nihal desert maplestory?

How do you get there besides from the quest in perion?

Go to Orbis via Ellinia station. Under grendel’s house, to the right with a big sign labeled “Sixtopia.” You go to Orbis by boarding the ship when it comes. After the ship departs, hide in the cabin so the Crimson Balrogs won’t “pwnz0r” you. After landing in Orbis Station, go left and pick the station platform to “Ariant.” Wait for the ship, and board the freaky genie. After around 5-10minutes, you’ll arrive in Ariant!

P.S. Go to magitia early and you’re dead. Kthx.

Gl. o3o

You can take the “ship” from Orbis, just as you would to get to Ludibrium or Leafre.

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