How do you get sharpie permanent marker out your hair?

While I was asleep one day in class…..(even tho I wasn’t supposed to be oops)one of my friends colored a blonde highlight with a blue permanent marker and I can’t get it out.Do you know how to get it out?

Wash your hair and rub it thoroughly……or if not, cut your hair……….or the best thing would be to cut your head completely! Problem solve!

It will have to wear off on it’s own. You can try a chealating shampoo designed to strip the hair of build up and that will help but if the hair is highlighted, the cuticle layer is open and it allowed the ink to penetrate into the cortex. This is where the actual pigment of your hair is. For you, that lightened area it is more a lack of pigment. The bright side is that while your hair let it in because it has some damage, it will easily let it back out! Think of it like anything you would do purposefully. If you used hair color to make it blue intentionally, you’d have a nice shade of blue through about three to four washes and then you would see it fade dramatically until it looked dull and dingy. Same thing will happen here…it probably won’t ever come all the way out. You’ll have to just cut it.

Try mixing a little Tide laundry detergent with some shampoo, preferably a conditioning shampoo like Therappe by Nexxus, leave it on the hair for maybe 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly then apply deep conditioner,leave that on and get under a hair dryer if possible for 5 or 10 minutes. If nothing else it should fade the color dramatically and your conditioning your hair as well. Good luck.

first of all, what are you using to wash your hair? if you are using a product with lots of alcohol, nomatter what kind, you folicle is dried out and the ink is holding in like a dye. If your hair is colored blond you have the same problem. extreme damage to the hair such as those will lock in a color because the hair is thirsty for a nutrient.
try a hot oil treatment for about thirty minutes before washing hair, a couple times a week, and continue washing your hair.

try baby oil, toothpaste,or Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Make-up Remover. I would stay away from alcohol or nail polish remover – they may damage your hair more.
This is from another website:
Regarding skin: Basic H by Shaklee Corp is organic and SUPER Concentrated, 1/2 teaspoon mixed with 16 oz water in a spray bottle took permanent marker off my skin, with a little rubbing I’d recommend a slightly stronger solution, but full strength is SAFE on skin, repels mosquitos too. It is also very good for hair. It can replace all your cleaners and goof off too; check them out at

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Acetone or Nail Polish Remover always does a good job in removing permanent ink stains… not on fabric though. Make sure you rinse your hair immediately after the ink stain is removed. Then wash with shampoo and condition hair or use hair wax to give back the natural shine of the hair…. Good Luck!

Answer 7

The trick is to get the blue ink to stick to the product. First, heat the strand of hair with a hot blow dryer to make it porous…then take lemon juice and dip the highlighted/colored strand in it. This will change the texture to “squeaky”. Then when it is dry, coat the strand with oil-based lotion or vaseline. Good luck, and if you have to pay to re-bleach it or remove it, DEFINITELY do not hesitate to send her and her parents the bill!
Some things are not funny at the expense of another…and some things you look back on and laugh about. I’m ALL about getting even though…hehehe.

This is only a guess. Perhaps soaking it with cheap hairspray, like one would do to get ballpoint pen ink out of fabric could help. I would call, write Heloise the household hints advice colmnist, the manufuacturer of the pen and haircoloring advice lines such as Clairols at

Hairspray works to get ink out of just about everything,not sure if it’ll work on permanent marker but it’s worth a shot.


Dawn Dishwashing Liquid.

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