How do u balance the chemical equation kcio3 kci+02

We start with 1KClO3→KCl+O2
Balance K
: We have 1 K
on the left, so we need 1 K
on the right. We put a 1
in front of the KCl
. 1KClO3→1KCl+O2
Balance Cl
: Cl
is already balanced, with 1 Cl
on each side. Balance O
: We have 3 O
atoms on the left and only 2
on the right. We need 1½ O2
molecules on the right. Uh, oh! Fractions! We start over with a 2 as the coefficient. 2KClO3→2KCl+O2
Now we have 6 O
atoms on the left. To get 6 O
atoms on the right, we put a 3 in front of the O2
. 2KClO3→2KCl+3O2
Every formula now has a fixed coefficient. We now should have a balanced equation.

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