How do I uninstall Paint Tool Sai?

and so i had been reckless and downloaded Paint appliance Sai into Temporary Web data as opposed to altering the file place to system data. I do want to reinstall it to the right place. My 31-day test expired and I also need it it, but I’m not purchasing it unless i will have it into system data. But we cannot get a hold of in any manner whatsoever to uninstall this system!! I attempted deleting the Temporary Web data, I attempted planning to control interface, and I also attempted starting uninstall from Sai folder. Nope, this system continues to be right here!

You can easily completely and completely uninstall Paint appliance Sai in 4 tips.
It may never be eliminated by utilizing control board. We have experienced the problem like yours. I possibly could perhaps not erase the short-term data by handbook. I happened to be therefore agitated about that issue. And I also searched and discovered a rather of good use option to completely erase the folder of Paint appliance Sai and instantly scan associated data to get rid of all of them. You can easily proceed with the thorough uninstall guides here:
1. Close Paint appliance Sai and all sorts of its associated procedures in task supervisor.
2. install and make use of Paint appliance Sai uninstall device like Ideal Uninstaller
3. find the folder you setup Paint appliance Sai and right-click it
4. find the “energy Uninstall with PU” energy to begin to get rid of this system. And also this purpose can instantly and properly scan and delete all associated data including short-term and registry data
Eventually, there are you have got positively uninstalled Paint appliance Sai from your own Computer.
You can easily learn to force uninstall a course thorough in video clip below:

What the results are in the event that you operate the installer? Does it request you to do the installation once more? You can decide to try planning to safe mode and uninstall here. Or bare your Temporary Web data by visiting IE. Additionally, resume the pc once you uninstall.
It willnot have erased your data in the event that you uninstalled SAI. In the event that you stored your drawings-in a folder, get check into all of them. They ought to be here, nonetheless they could have a blank report for an icon. You can actually start all of them with SAI or any design programs that help SAI’s data. Simply connect .sai data with SAI once you install this system once more.
EDIT: incidentally, in the event that you stored your artwork in temp file folder, you are able to properly pull all of them off here to another location such as your desktop computer. Uninstalling SAI will likely not erase those data. Simply support your drawings on a USB or phone storage space (when you have a smartphone) if you are truly paranoid.

To make it to your temp folder, perform some following:
Press Microsoft windows crucial (key between CTRL and ALT) in conjunction with R, this would mention a run dialog… Inside type %tempper cent, you are inside temp folder.
If you should be having difficulties with a corrupt install, you can look at Revo Uninstaller (no-cost)…

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