How do I build up my slayer for zenonia 4?

i obtained a slayer lvl. 29 in zenonia 4 that I believe sucks, my pal explained to make use of all of the stats on dex. But I believe that its simply making my personality weak. Anyone understand how to build a slayer??? Thanks a lot.

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It’s my job to stay glued to 2-1 create, utilize 2 on STR and 1 on CON if you do not have a problem with opponents make use of STR + 2 CON +1 after that STR + 1 CON + 2 Every 2 values. Which a simple crossbreed create, best of luck and luxuriate in Zenonia 4.

Zenonia 4 Guide Blader

The best means is spend all things into con, and employ the ability energy connect to transform con into att. In this manner your slayer could have good def and HP to handle all employers, and att it’s still almost just like in the event that you spent all things into str. In the event that you made it happen others means the slayer might stronger, but because of reasonable hp and def any employer in part 8 will destroy you in a single hit.

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My slayer is at amount 60 you really need to focus just on str n con, with many things on str and periodically in con since the latter impacts your security letter hp amounts. You ought not place any things in dex or int! Dex is actually for blader ( personality making use of two blades) and int is actually for Druid….

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