How did railroad technology improve profits for companies?

How did railroad technology improve profits for companies? . . a. it resulted in faster and cheaper long-distance shipping.. b. it encouraged the concentration of industry in the east.. c. it made the cost of goods from the west less competitive.. d. it allowed workers to transfer from company to company.

It resulted in faster and cheaper long distance shipping and this was the way the railroad technology helped to improve profits for companies. The correct option among all the options that are given in the question is the first option or option “a”. I hope it helped you.

A. It resulted in faster and long-distance shipping. Explanation: The railroad technology has made shipping cheaper and faster and improved profits for companies. And this technology is one of the most important and profit giving technology of 19th century and completion of Transcontinental railroad is a major achievement. The railroad has major impact on American companies specially to the industries of east and agriculture in the Midwest.

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It increased the amount of product they could transport and how quickly they could transport it.

Faster and cheaper shipping means that the companies will manage to cut their total expenditure, which mean their net income will be higher hope this helps

^ this made it more easier for people to trade too and for heavy equipment to be transported

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