How did Obama get Hussein as a middle name?

Isn’t the middle name normally your mothers maiden name?

It was his dad’s middle name. His dad was born into a Muslim family, and left his religion.

His full name is Barak Hussein Mohammad Obama and the name was bestowed upon him by his Muslim father. In the Muslim world, woman have no say about anything, so there was no chance for her to give him her maiden name as is sometimes the case in the western world. However, there is nothing printed in any etiquette books that dictates that the mother’s maiden name should be bestowed on a son or daughter as a middle name. Increasingly, more women in this country are hyphenating their maiden names with their husband’s last name so that the children will be named, say Chelsea Rodham-Clinton, even though that’s not Chelsea’s real name–just an example.

I know that’s how Spanish culture works but in America our middle names are generally a first family name or just a name our parents liked or made up. It’s hardly ever a last name.

Not as you say no. In Islam the son inherits the names his father gives him as well as his religion. ALL 3 of Obamas names are islamic.. the first and last Africaan islam.. the middle , arab islam. His entire name is islamic.

It was given to him. Not everyone uses the mother’s maiden name. The Jewish approach is to use a dead relative’s first name.

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my middle name isn’t my mothers maiden name

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He himself chose to change his name from Barry Soteros to the name he now has because he wanted to align himself more to the image of his father’s heritage.

Source(s): Audacity Of Hope

He chose it in honor of his idol Saddam Hussein when he graduated from his Muslim school.

Just kidding everyone.

Why? That’s a very common Muslim name right?


He is named after his father who is of Arab descent from Kenya.

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