How did alfred dove take a risk with his art?

How did alfred dove take a threat along with his artwork? a. he experimented with creating the visible equivalents of phenomena. b. he was extra fascinated by the exterior world than different artists. c. he was one of many few american artists to experiment with abstraction early on. d. all the above

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i believe its c however im not a brilliant fan so idk Rationalization:

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d all of the above Rationalization:

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i am unsure i fully perceive your query, however i’ll do my greatest. i believe the reply you’re on the lookout for is sequence. (see under) a repeated melodic fragment can be greatest outlined as repetition, whereas repeated chords (totally different or the identical) may very well be a chord development. nevertheless, you then talked about the chord and melodic fragment starting on increased or decrease pitches, in that case, the reply may very well be greatest outlined as a sequence. the definition of a sequence is as follows: “the restatement of a motif or longer melodic (or harmonic) passage at the next or decrease pitch in the identical voice.” let me know if this !

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i imagine their function is to instruct sure sections on when they’re to affix and when they’re to cease

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