How come I can’t reply or make a post on 4chan? /b/?

It says that my internet cannot load the page :l any suggestions of why?

It could be caused by several reasons. I’ll name a few:

#1 4chan attracts alot of enemies. As a result they are a victim of DDoS attacks, because of these attacks it’s difficult for the server to seperate the bad traffic from the good, hence your pages may not be loading due to the server being overloaded with requests from attacks.

#2 The server itself could be experiencing general problems. It usually will fix itself after an hour or so.

#3 You may need to clear your browser cache/cookies and try again. That usually fixes issues like that.

#4 Your browser is having difficulties, try using another browser (firefox/chrome). Usually one will work if the other is having difficulties.

#5 Your home internet may be experiencing difficulties (possibly due to peak times). Try pinging 4chan and seeing if you’re getting a response. If not, try going to a site like and pinging from there. If they get a response then your internet is the cause (or you may be null routed from the 4chan server)

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Source(s): I’m cool and I know these things.

4chan X Firefox

Clearing my cookies, downloads and browser data worked for me. Cheers m8

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