how can you make varnish disappear?

its a joke. does anyone know what the answer is?

Take out the “R”

Oh. I thought you were talking about nail varnish… I was gonna say if you got no nail varnish remover you should just paint over it, then wipe it off when it’s still wet.
Oh well.

I looked at the other answers, and now I get it! ;p

No. What is varnish? (looks it up) Ooh. It’s transparent. I get it.

Paint remover?

Take out the “r”. Then it makes vanish.

Answer 6

I don’t know, but how did you get the hearts beside your avatar? (Not a joke!)

Answer 7

Take out the “r”

sanding….but if its to intracate to sand then use acetone like the other guy said


i dont find this amusing.

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