How can I get from Stormwind to Thousand Needles safely in WoW?

Just got a quest and it says i need to get to Thousand Needles. How can i get there Safely?

The path to Thousand Needles is quite long especially if you don’t have the flight path (fp) to Menethil Harbor, the Alliance town where you can take a boat to Theramore Island in the Kalimdor continent.
If you don’t have the fp to Ironforge: Go to the Dwarven District in Stormwind, in the back there will be a portal, enter it and take the tram to Ironforge.
In Ironforge: Grab the fp near the Great Forge and then exit Ironforge through the gates, take the mountain path to the bottom and then follow the road south until you come to a fork in the road, go left and follow the road until you reach another fork (if you come to Kharanos you went the wrong way). Go right at the fork and you will reach Southern Gate Outpost after some distance. Go through there and you will reach Loch Modan. Follow the road north and you will come to Thelsamar off to the side, grab the flightpath there go back to the road and follow north until Algaz Pass. Through there go into the Wetlands. Follow the road, going left at each fork. This is a very long walk, but you will eventually reach an island called Menethil Harbour. If you reach Dun Modr, turn around and go the other way on the road.
At Menethil Harbour: Make the inn here your home location (if you don’t know where it is look for him with Blizzard’s handy new Tracking Feature!) and grab the flightpath. Go around the fortress and you will be able to see the sea, and two docks. Go on the left one and wait for the boat. Take the boat to Theramore Island.
At Theramore Island: Grab the flightpath and leave Theramore on the road heading to Dustwallow Marsh, follow the road (its a long walk) until you reach your first fork, then go right and you will zone into the barrens. From the barrens go south toward Razorfen Downs and Razorfen Kraul until you reach the Great Lift. Go down the great lift (if you get harassed by the tauren guards there, just jump off. You will die, but the graveyard is so close by it doesn’t really matter). Follow the road west until you reach the Feralas/Thousand Needles border, there will be an Alliance outpost there. Grab the flightpath there and then go east until you reach The Screeching Canyon.

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Hope this helps!

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