How can an individual most likely achieve optimal personal health?

How can a person probably obtain optimum private well being? a. by controlling heredity elements b. by assessing way of life and environmental dangers together with heredity c. via personalised drugs d. via vitamin and mineral supplementation

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Probably the most applicable reply can be choice b. One can’t management heredity elements as they’re chosen randomly by nature. Nonetheless, one can assess his or her way of life and environmental dangers related to heredity elements with a view to stay a wholesome life. For instance, diabetes is heredity in nature nonetheless, one can cut back the probabilities of growing diabetes by altering his or her way of life. Energetic way of life, train, wholesome consuming habits et cetera assist in decreasing the probabilities of growing diabetes.

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b. By addressing way of life and environmental dangers together with heredity Rationalization: I simply took it :$

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A person should actually deal with their way of life, which embody their each day weight loss program and bodily health with a view to acquire optimum well being. Not solely that, they should watch out in regards to the atmosphere round them. The one with optimum private well being normally stay distant from atmosphere which crammed with air pollution an emission

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