Homologous chromosomes are similar in all of these characteristics except:

Homologous chromosomes are comparable in all of those traits besides:

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Besides alleles Rationalization: Alleles are totally different variations of the identical gene and that is as a result of they’ve totally different DNA, although it’s barely totally different it could make loads of adjustments in order that’s why they’ve totally different alleles. Allele is definitely the variant type of some genes. One of the best instance for alleles we are able to discover within the gene for blossom shade in some species of flowers or vegetation. Just one single gene is controlling the colour and we are able to see generally totally different variations of it. These totally different variations are referred to as Alleles.

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1. The best reply is Somatic cells have 23 chromosomes. A somatic cell is a organic cell that types the physique of an organism, that’s, a multicellular organism, with a non-gamete cell, undifferentiated germ cells, gametocytes, or stem cells, in response to the idea of germplasm with soma.
Gametes have 23 chromosomes in people, however somatic cells have 46 chromosomes. 2. The best reply is Cytoplasm will increase, and organelles and DNA are replicated. A cell can bear a number of successive divisions or quite the opposite block its cell cycle to make sure a number of features. The time interval between two mitotic divisions is named the interphase. We observe the sequence of three phases through the interphase:
Section G1:
It is the one which instantly follows a division. The cell begins its syntheses and grows. There’s subsequently a powerful manufacturing of mRNA.
Section S:
This part corresponds to the interval when the DNA replicates.
Section G2:
Throughout this part, the cell continues to develop and prepares for a brand new mitosis. There’s thus manufacturing of things concerned within the condensation of chromosomes and a modification of the cytoskeleton. 3. The best reply is Pea plant epidermal (leaf) cells have 7 chromosomes. The epidermal cells of the pea leaf are somatic cells (usually are not reproductive cells) they’ve 2n chromosomes, so it has 4 chromosomes and never 7.
I want to point out, nevertheless, that it’s not right (scientifically talking) to say that human somatic cells have 92 chromosomes after the replication part, as a result of it’s not the variety of chromosomes that doubles however the variety of chromatids. However on this case, I preserve that the A is the wrong assertion. 4. The best reply is Embryonic pores and skin cells. Embryonic cells are pluripotent stem cells present in an embryo. They’ve the excellence of having the ability to differentiate into any tissue of the physique, and divides rapidly.
The longer a cell is at a sophisticated stage of differentiation, the much less it could divide. 5. The best reply is Chromatin kind permits the genetic code to be learn and proteins to be made. Chromatin is the construction wherein DNA is packaged and compacted within the restricted quantity of the nucleus of eukaryotic cells. Chromatin consists of a mixture of DNA, RNA and proteins of two sorts: histones and non-histones. It’s the fundamental constituent of eukaryotic chromosomes.
In microscopy, there are two forms of chromatin similar to totally different ranges of compaction:
– Euchromatin is a much less condensed chromatin wherein genes, extra accessible, have their expression (transcription) facilitated.
– Heterochromatin corresponds to a denser chromatin with a much less simply accessible DNA.

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Rationalization: Homologous chromosomes are characterised as a result of they’ve data for a similar characters; that data could be the similar or totally different, since one chromosome comes from our father and the opposite from the mom. These components which will include the identical or totally different details about a personality are referred to as alleles.

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The proper reply is a. chromosomes which can be comparable of their dimension, form, and gene content material. Rationalization: A homologous chromosome is the chromosome which has similarities in form, dimension, centromere place and so they include the identical genes on the similar locus additionally.   One homologous chromosome comes from the daddy and the opposite homologous chromosomes come from the mom. These chromosomes have the identical gene on the similar locus however the alleles of that gene could be totally different in homologous chromosomes.   The homologous chromosome separates through the meiosis in order that the gamete has half the variety of chromosomes. So the proper reply is a.

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