hiii can u solve this probabilty quetion ?????????????????????????????????????????????

In the process of producing engine valves , the valves are subjected to first grind?


A)Given that a valve is not reground ,first grind what is the probability that it is scrapped ?? “and 10 % are scrapped .” B) Given that a valve is scraped =10 % are scrapped +[20 % are reground *10 %are scrapped )=12% what is the probability it was ground twice=2%/12%=[1/6] =16.67% C)find the probabilty that valve meet the specifications (after either the first or second grind ) first grind 70 % of the valves meet the specification + (20 % are reground * 90% meet the specification )=70+18=88% D)18%/88%=20.45%

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